Who we are


we are equihub – a diverse team coming together to equalize chances for humans. We do this by aligning company building with the environment and local ecosystems so that we can create equal starting conditions and support the fast diffusion of innovation.

We got inspired by

the caretaking and supporting ecosystem in our founding city Bremen. In Bremen we have a small ecosystem which is distinguishing itself through the short roads, the cooperativeness and through living the pay forward idea. With our integrative approach we would like to enable you to make the same experiences as we did just around the corner. With this we can help to let your idea grow sustainable.

To start this we created a digital and physical platform on which you can find and exchange with people who are also working on extraordinary purposes. The community we want to create offers you a wide range of chances and opportunities – depending on your willingness to participate. Therefore we connect you with each other and match the existing resources so that everyone can become part of it, the moment you join the club. 

Culture and Work life

The passion that drives us creates many opportunities on our path and allows us to take many crossroads.

Discovering these turnoffs together as a team, with clients and partners, helps us stay motivated and curious so we can surpass ourselves and become more efficient and effective. This can create many new opportunities and helps us to develop a sustainable company.

We are a cross-functional team of entrepreneurs – with a variety of backgrounds. Founded in Bremen but also handmade in Bremerhaven, Groningen and Frankfurt. We try to structure our operations via Scrum and get better every time we use it. But most importantly we have found a routine that suits everyone, whether full-time employee, freelancer or customer, located in Bremen or somewhere else in the world.

Together we promote an open culture that everyone can contribute to and that always leaves time for a coffee, after-work beer or a chat about big visions and the current challenges ahead.

We are open for new ideas – so get in touch 🙂