Go beyond the limits of your imagination

Our motto: from founder to founder

To create a system which enables all of us to innovate and grow together sustainable because w believe that we all get more out of diversity, heterogeneity and equal opportunities.

Get support: do the right things

Coaching & Mentoring

Exchange skills against needs

Barter Exchange

get organized and build up

Business Model Twin

Become a part of the Inter

Generational fund

Keeping in mind the three parts of sustainability: social, economy and ecology – we want to build up a system which helps you to grow based on the existing resources you and your innovation ecosystem can offer you.

We want to inspire a new way of creating businesses and support a founding and innovation journey in which everyone gets the same chances – if willing to give in your own resources and talents. This sustainable usage of your resources helps to create effective businesses and still gives you the possibility to grow by focusing on the important and urgent tasks. The best part of it: you don’t need capital to drive this progress.

Coaching & Sparring

“Live begins at the end of your comfortzone”

In the last years we have coached and supported a wide range of different startups, founders, entrepreneurs and innovators. No matter where you stand we have a big toolbox of standard elements and personalized on demand workshops to coach and guide you. The ones mentioned below give you some ideas about our trainings and coaching options.

  • 1 Day Incubator
  • Agile peer 2 peer Exchange
  • Investor Readiness
  • Company Evaluation
  • Pitch Training
  • Scrum Training
  • Retrospective
  • Team Workshop
  • Organizational Structure
  • … any thing else? Just ask 🙂

Barter Exchange

“to barter and loose is better than not go Forth”

We are working on a community which creates a way to innovate with higher effectiveness and capital efficiency. Therefore we build up our barter deal platform which enables you to exchange your talents and skills to drive progress. To gain trust between you and your matching partners we connect you within your local community or over regional if needed. So that you can exchange your demands against your own talents and drive progress with the resources you have.

Business Model Twin


With the Open Innovation Cycle we worked on a tool that helps you to see and analyze the status quo of your Business Model. It is not easy to derivate the right assumptions at the right time or decide for the first Prototype. With signing up for the open innovation cycle you can create your own twin, extract critical hypothesis and put them to your work routine. This helps you to interact within your team, test and adjust your strategic roadmap and learn fast. Furthermore it is connected to our barter exchange so that you can mark and exchange critical resources out of your daily work routine.

Intergenerational Fund

“If you can’t pay it Back Pay Forward”

With the fund we want to create constant opportunities for entrepreneurs who are starting up or need small investments. The baseline for this is the community. Every team joining in gives 4 % of Virtual Stock Options (VSOPS). This VSOPS does not enable us to sit in your board or drive decisions we are not an official shareholder. When you do an Exit and cash out the community gets 4 % of your exit sum. This enables a reinvestment into new starting companies or founders and creates a wide range of possibilities from the small MVP investment to bigger ones to support a seed-round. The most important thing is that we, as the community, decide together weather we want to invest or not therefore we always look first locally. We believe that the decentralization of the investments help to build up a system which focuses on acting local but allows to think global. To ensure chances for entrepreneurs world wide we are also taking 1 % of the sum to reinvest into global projects – so that everyone can participate and gets a chance.

For us it is important that we create of community of entrepreneurs wanting to create a new way of doing and thinking business and for us this starts with the way we use resources and capital. This also means that we want to decide together where we are supporting entrepreneurs. An interest in participation would be great and wanted. With your participation you become a game changer for future investments, companies and structures and can design together with all the others the intergenerational fund, We created the starting point but up to know its not finalized if we become a cooperative or a company of common goods or something totally different – lets create this together!

The intergeneration fund is our idea to create a wide range of possibilities and change how we think about and react to social, ecological and economical challenges.