Ecosystem Development

As a community leader, accelerator, economic agency or university its is very difficult to keep the overview about your startups and founder teams and the supporters. It is difficult to know their status quo, the challenges they are facing and which demands they are having. The problem resulting is that you cannot match the resources needed and connect the founders with other parties of your community or ecosystem. This leads to many resource lacks which are a huge reason for startups to leave their founding cities and move to more promising hot spots.

To support your daily work we worked on a toolbox to enable you to facilitate and maintain your teams. You can work with them on their digital business model twin, challenge their ideas and create network contacts for barter deals to support their progress. Furthermore we are offering a train the trainer program so that you can facilitate your own teams or you can buy in our complete coaching and training solution.

Our services for you

Train the Trainer

Open Innovation Cycle

Wholistic Coaching

On demand or program based

No matter for which service you decide you are supported by an diverse teams of founders and community developers. From this knowledge and experiences we have designed and developed not just a platform which supports your daily work but also programs which are standardized and leave enough space for customization so that you can play out the strengths of your ecosystem and can compete with bigger hot spots.

Ecosystem Management Platform

Stay in touch with your teams and match demands

The digital sovereign and GDPR compliant platform supports you with a small toolbox to drive open innovation, across companies and helps you to manage and connect your community local and over regional.

Benefit from our experience and features

  • Team Overview
  • Creates (recurring) coaching flows
  • Resource Exchange and Barter Deal Matching
  • Create a Business Model Twin with your startups
  • comment and review progress
  • know the status quo
  • match (critical) resources fast
  • Challenge Ideas and give feedback constantly
  • Integrate community members and supporters
  • Get in touch with other ecosystems, connect and exchange learnings

Train the Trainer Program

Open Innovation Cycle

Within the smart agri hub program we had the opportunity to create a train the trainer program of the Open Innovation Cycle. The Open Innovation Cycle is a startup program, which is standardized but still individualized to support the startup teams in different stages. The program itself is based on a facilitated peer2peer approach. Each three weeks are up to 5 startups coming together and do their planning, a retrospective and a review together. This helps the teams to learn from each other, exchange network contacts and grow within a small group of people who are or have gone through similar challenges. As part of the train the trainer program you are learning to:

  • Facilitate the plannings and retrospectives and reviews
  • Get workshop Templates of each programm point: 1 Day Incubator, Scrum training, Plannings, Retrospectives, Pitch Traning….
  • Learn a lot about up to date startup knowledge
  • Get the material and the tools to facilitate your own program

Within the program you will learn standardized and important startup knowledge. This helps you to easily facilitate and coach the startups in your ecosystem.

In the program you will learn to facilitate the following sessions and workshops to host your own open innovation cycle.

Buy in Coaching

On demand workshops or Startup Program

If you dont want to host the cycle yourself you can by in the organization of the porgram and the coaching for your teams. You can do this in individual workshops or in form of the whole program.